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How would DMV in California ever find out (and make me pay sales tax) if I buy a car from Oregon but live in California? What if I live in Oregon when I buy the car and then move to California?
If you have a California drivers license, it’s a rebuttable presumption that your out of state vehicle is actually domiciled in California and you are a in fact a resident. Law sectionIf you drive a vehicle in California more than in other states, even if you aren’t a resident, you have to register it. Law sectionThere’s a whole section regarding people who live out of state but work in California, who needs commuter passes and when registration is required. If you move to California, you have 20 days to register the vehicle, and only 10 days to get a new license.Your friends can also rat you out: Cheaters: Out-of-State (Out of State Registration Violators)So, when stopped by the police you can get a registration ticket which would cause you to get the vehicle registered to dismiss the ticket.We used to have a form which would get sent to the State Board of Equalization (sales tax) which would put you in their sights, and they would assess you for ‘Use Tax’, which oddly enough was the same rate as the sales tax.You don’t have to register your private fire engine if you use it only for fighting fires, though.
What happens if I don't file a police report after a minor car accident?
Depends if the accident was on private property then that is a civil matter as we can’t really do much on private property except filing a police report we can’t assign fault or anything of that sort.If it was a minor accident with another party and both of you stopped and exchanged information and everything ended peacefully then there is no need to contact the police contact either your or the other drivers insurance company and file a claim.Now if you were in a minor accident with an empty car or with someone property such as fence and you didn’t stop to file a report to let the other driver know of the accident and that you were at fault you could be cited/arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.Without any information on the accident itself there is no real way to tell you if you could be in trouble or not edit your answer by adding information in the comment section or reply to my post here with more information such as what kind of accident it was, where did it happen, how much damage was there ect and I will be better able to answer your question but until you prmore information I’ll leave the hypothetical answer I have posted
What happens if you get handed a subpoena that's been filled out incorrectly? Do you report it to the DA?
A subpoena is a legal request to appear in court and can come from prosecuting as well as defense attorneys. It is not evidence. If the document correctly identifies you (and not someone else), just make sure that you understand what you are being asked to do.A subpoena is similar to a jury duty summons. Contact the court clerk or the attorney’s office regarding any administrative corrections that are appropriate. Find out how to keep track of when your presence is required.
Do I have to fill out a accident report request that was sent to me? There wasn't damage to either of our cars
This depends on which state you live in and also who sent you the report request. It is highly unusual for a citizen to send a crash report to another citizen. If I were you I would not fill it out unless it came from a police agency. Even then I would be suspicious and follow Kathryn's answer below.
What should I do if I want to learn driving but I don't have a car in Portland, Oregon?
If you want to learn driving, obvious choice would be to find a driving school, there are actually lots of them. You can use their car for driving but it would cost you a lot if you do more than just the regular one or two hour training.Other option would be to ask someone to help buy a really cheap car in their name while you learn to drive with them. Usually, those can be sold back at almost same price.Once you do you have a license, you can use car sharing instead of buying, quite a few of them in town actually: car2go, ReachNow (from BMW, see my review here of their business after I met them & used their service).Uber, Lyft are much more affordable now if you never want to drive.
How do I report an accident caused by a pedestrian in Utah? What happened if the pedestrian walked out in front of me? I swerved my bike to avoid him and lost control striking a car causing $2400 in damages to car.
Unfortunately, vehicle management falls on the driver almost all of the time. If a pedestrian caused you to swerve, perhaps there should have been more time between the person's movements and your presence. If nothing else, watching said ped might have prevented your need for emergency actions.That said, it is "almost all of the time": not every single one. Better to contact a vehicle injury attorney, someone who deals with these kinds of accidents on a regular basis...
How can I find out if my identification card has been returned to the DMV office due to my mother-in-law stating that I don't live there?
Whether or not your ID was returned as not living at that address is actually moot. Just go back into the DMV and apply for a copy. Tell them you never received it. If they say it was returned you have two avenues... Tell them you don't understand why or own up to not living there (if you actually don't).
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