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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sr 22

Instructions and Help about Sr 22

Hi my name is Mario rise I'm a media buyer with freeway insurance and today we're going to be talking about sr22 insurance when do you need it how do you get it and what exactly is an sr-22 first off an sr-22 is a legal document required by the DMV when you have a license that is suspended so if you have outstanding tickets maybe you got a ticket for a DUI the DMV is going to require you to get an sr-22 so that way your license can be reinstated on a restricted basis and we'll get to that in a little bit so when you buy liability insurance the sr22 comes with it and it is electronically filed by the insurance company once you have the sr22 what that is is that means that you get your license reinstated on a restricted basis which means you can drive from work to home and from home back to work you got to make sure that you keep your monthly payments up to date on an sr-22 because if you miss one payment your policy gets cancelled your sr22 insurance gets cancelled and your license gets resuspended and then you have to begin with the process all over again so it's very important on an sr-22 insurance to keep your payment's up to date make sure that you follow the guidelines stated by the California DMV and make sure that you drive from home and to work and you cannot be anywhere else other than driving home to work if you should happen to be pulled over by a police officer they will question you euro sr22 will come up on their records and they will question you and find out where are you going where you're coming from and what happened with your sr22 so once again keep your poly payments up to date with your sr22 and after that everything should be simple this is mario rise thanks for listening you.

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