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My doctor refuses to fill out my DMV medical evaluation paperwork. What can I do?
Why won’t he or she fill it out? Do you have a disqualifying illness, or is your doctor just ignorant and/or lazy? If it’s the latter, find another provider to fill out your forms (and take over your care).If it’s the former, they’re trying to help you, so talk to them about what you need to do to qualify for the DMV evaluation.
How do I notify the DMV of a car sale?
The process will be similar, but not the same, in most all US states.Here’s an example.Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability
Do the HIPAA laws prohibit Health Insurance companies from allowing members to fill out and submit medical claim forms on line?
No, nothing in HIPAA precludes collecting the claim information online.However, the information needs to be protected at rest as well as in-flight. This is typically done by encrypting the connection (HTTPS) as well the storage media
Are there any restrictions on how long auto insurance companies can retain your DMV records?
When I worked in auto insurance a decade ago, we were required to keep all of our records for 7 years.  After that, we were supposed to dispose of them.  The information that we acquired from the DMV was considered to be non-public personal information (NPPI) and we were not allowed to share it with anyone without your express consent or by court order. Anyone who has access to access motor vehicle reports from the DMV is required to sign a non-disclosure statement agreeing that they will not improperly share the information acquired in the reports outside of the immediate required business use.Generally, once the violations or accidents have expired from your DMV records (3-10 years), they are pretty much gone to everyone except law enforcement (who will have them forever).
How do you find out if a company is open to using a staffing agency to fill positions?
Get an introduction to the target company through a referral if possible.  A lot of the companies that retain us even talk explicitly about "no agency referrals" on their website.  There are times that going in through HR or their staffing org can be to your benefit but more often that not it helps to have a referral with a "VP" in their title to get you that introduction.  You might still be a long way from getting a fee agreement signed (retained or contingent) but you'll be a lot close than being one of the hundreds of agency recruiters leaving voicemails for the VP HR or Staffing Manager.
How do insurance companies make money?
No one has given you a full answer but Mr. Enright is the closest thus far. People seem to be focused on premium vs. claims, however, this is most definitely NOT how insurance companies make money. Most insurers try to price their policies such that the total premiums collected each year are equal to the total amount of claims paid + expenses (we call this the combined ratio - claims+expenses:premium). A combined ratio of 1 is seen as ideal because it means they are not over or under pricing their policies, meaning that they are underwriting the risks they want as pricing models are designed to attract what a company identifies as their target market. With regard to automobile insurance, most insurers actually run a loss on premiums, normally paying just over a dollar for every dollar of premium (combined ratio 1), whereas, they normally run just under a 1 ratio on property insurance. Ultimately, very little, if any profit is made through underwriting (premiums) alone, rather, the reason for writing policies and collecting premiums is to build an investment pool. When an insurer collects premiums they put that money into an investment pool. They use the premiums collected to fund investments (generally in guaranteed or low risk securities due to regulatory restrictions). When a claim is made money is then taken from that pool and put into a cash account to pay the claim once the adjustment of it is completed. Where insurers make their money is on the interest and return on investment earned from those premium dollars while they are in the investment pool. The ideal is to have enough premium coming in to keep the investment pool fully funded but the profit itself comes from the return on investment rather than a surplus in the premiums charged vs. claims and expenses paid. Let's look at State Farm Mutual for an example.... in 2022 State Farm collected $32,640,000,000 in premiums, they paid $22,794,000,000 in claims, $4,311,000,000 in claims expenses, $7,527,000,000 in administrative/service expenses, resulting in a LOSS of $1,993,000,000 on underwriting, however, they had investment income of $2.,901,000,000. So while they actually lost $1.9 Billion on premiums vs. claims and expenses (combined ratio of 1.06) they made $2.9 Billion on investement income. As you can see, insurers don't make money through premiums but through investment.
Do you have to notify the DMV when you sell your car?
One of the forms that you fill out for the DMV is a notification that you have sold the car. Submitting this form prevents you from getting any parking or red light tickets that the new owner might acquire prior to their registering the car. If it’s an inexpensive car, with some months left on the license plate, the new owner may never register the car, intending to drive it as is until the plates expire. Gang bangers do this to have a car that won’t trace to them. You’ll see cars on Craigslist advertised as “registered until December”. The seller assumes that the buyer will be just driving and eventually selling or abandoning the car.
In what cases do you have to fill out an insurance claim form?
Ah well let's see. An insurance claim form is used to make a claim against your insurance for financial, repair or replacement of something depending on your insurance. Not everything will qualify so you actually have to read the small print.
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