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At this particular stoplight we want to make a left turn and then when the light turns green and we have oncoming traffic sometimes the applicant doesn't realize that they have to wait for oncoming traffic before they can make their left turn if they have a green protected arrow then they know that the car that's coming is supposed to stop so when they see a solid green light they think of the rule of the green arrow they think okay my light is green I'm going to go this guy should be stopping and he doesn't stop when it's a green signal and you're going to make a left turn you have to yield to the car that's coming you need to edge out into the middle of the intersection wait for all oncoming traffic to go through whether they're turning or going straight and wait for the pedestrians to cross then complete your left turn in a safe manner don't worry if you're in the intersection when the light turns red you've entered legally on a green light so other traffic has to wait for you to clear before they can proceed some of the most common mistakes that that test drive test applicants make crosswalks okay when you come to an intersection they go right in the crosswalk and next thing you know you there's two three people studying you know and on the point of wanting to cross but the whole point of the crosswalk is you have to stop behind the line then you check the pedestrians right or left and and then if there's no pedestrians you can move up into the crosswalk after that so you can see around the corner and you look and then if everything is good keep going you need to understand the right-of-way who turns who changes who goes who stops there's nothing there to help you to say okay if the car and you're right gets there first then he goes first you have to already know that you know ahead of time and in the way you dry will tell whether or not you understand the right-of-way we need to make sure that you.

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