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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What happens if you don't report an accident to your insurance company

Instructions and Help about What happens if you don't report an accident to your insurance company

What are the biggest mistakes I see people make immediately after an auto accident watch this video to find out hi Barry here with the lawful channel on this channel you're gonna find short legal videos on the topics that affect your life if you're new here check out the notes and information in the description below and consider subscribing to the channel and if you have any questions or comments contact me if I can't help you I'll find someone who can I get calls every day from people who were just in accidents and I see a repeating pattern of mistakes made over and over again the first mistake people make is that they try to represent themselves without doing their research I know what you're thinking typical attorney sales pitch all I'm saying is it's important to at least talk to somebody who's been through this before so that you know what to look out for I've seen it time and time again people go it alone and then I get it call nine months later and people are always wondering why did they get low-balled I'm not saying you always need an attorney there are a lot of cases when an attorney is not necessary for example if you have a back sprain or a back strain or if you only have a couple thousand dollars in medical bills if you didn't get a lot of treatment you can probably go it alone but if you have serious injuries and a lot of medical bills it's pretty important to talk to an attorney why is that because the game is rigged worse than Las Vegas the odds are not in your favor Allstate or State Farm they know what they're doing most of the time the people filing claims against them do not all states total revenue in 2022 was thirty six and a half billion dollars that's more than the bottom 150 countries on this planet they have the resources to delay deny and diminish your claim mistake number two accident victims give the insurance company a recorded statement why is this a big issue because the insurance company is trying to get you on the record to tell them about the facts of the accident and the injuries that you suffered then later on down the line they're gonna use that information to discredit you for example let's say you give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster after the accident but you forget to tell them about the pain in your shoulder six or nine months later when you try to settle your case and you make a claim for the damage to your shoulder the insurance company's going to point out that you didn't tell them about your shoulder after the accident happened and they're gonna use that to try and diminish your claim mistake number three the accident victim thinks that the insurance adjuster is on your side the insurance.

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